Landing Distribution

In order to ensure the domestic circulation of imported and exported goods, Daofeng Supply Chain Company built Qingdao as a distribution center and built a 300-km service center around Yantai City, Weihai City, Weifang City and other cities, relying on the advantages of Qingdao Airport and highway ports. Distribution network throughout the country.

Qingdao Daofeng Supply Chain Co., Ltd. owns 30,000 square meters of self-owned warehouse at No. 185, Shuangyuan Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City. It owns more than 20 vehicles for peripheral radiation delivery and has signed more than one hundred social vehicles for a long time. In the airport, it has long-term airline contracting agreements with Shandong Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other aviation companies to ensure the smooth flow of transportation routes. It has long-term and stable discount agreements with SF Express, Zhongtong, Debon, etc. to ensure the customer B2C services to the door. Quality and service costs.

Road Transport
Departure Station 24 hours to the province 48 hour area of arrival 72 hour area of arrival
Qingdao Neimenggu Heilongjiang
Qingdao Anhui Province Shaanxi Province Jilin Province
Qingdao Tianjin Hunan Province Gansu Province
Qingdao Beijing Zhejiang Province Fujian Province
Qingdao Shanghai City Jiangxi Province Chongqing City
Qingdao Jiangsu Province Hubei province Sichuan Province
Qingdao Hebei Province Shanxi Province Guangzhou City
Qingdao Whole territory of Shandong Province Liaoning Province Guangdong Province
Note: the above limitation is guaranteed to grade two cities, and grade three city four counties and cities need to increase 24H.
Transport aviation
Departure Station Area of arrival 24H door to door
Note: the company supports air - land transport, reaching level three and four level to ensure 24H to door service after air landing.
B2CSubstituting business
Cooperation company product type Discounting standard
sf-express Deppon 20 percent off
sf-express Deppon 20 percent off
sf-express Shun Feng electric business 10 percent off
sf-express Shun Feng 20 percent off
sf-express Shun Feng 20 percent off
sf-express SF Standard fast 20 percent off

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