International logistics transportation

    China and South Korea are the two countries with the most frequent trade in Asia, especially in clothing, food, electronic products and raw materials. The Daofeng supply chain company assists bilateral trade in warehousing, logistics and transportation services. We have established close cooperation with Eastern Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Incheon Airlines, Korean Air, UPS Aviation, Yantai Bohai International Ferry, Weidong Shipping Company, etc. to ensure our transportation resources. In Qingdao Liuting International Airport, Qingdao Ferry Terminal, Yantai Ferry Terminal, Yantai Penglai Airport, Weihai Airport, and so on, build business circulation ports to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

Transport aviation
Airline company Port of destination Shifts Departure Port Origination time Arrival time
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao BX321 Busan 10:30 11:35
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao KE889 Busan 10:55 11:55
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao SC4778 Yinchuan, Seoul 21:10 21:40
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao MU560 Yinchuan, Seoul 16:40 17:05
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao SC4082 Yinchuan, Seoul 15:25 16:00
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao MU5022 Yinchuan, Seoul 14:20 15:25
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao OZ319 Yinchuan, Seoul 14:15 14:35
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao SC4088 Yinchuan, Seoul 14:00 14:30
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao MU2034 Yinchuan, Seoul 13:15 13:50
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao KE841 Yinchuan, Seoul 13:10 13:45
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao SC4618 Yinchuan, Seoul 12:20 13:00
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao MU2040 Yinchuan, Seoul 11:55 12:55
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao KE845 Yinchuan, Seoul 09:05 09:45
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao OZ317 Yinchuan, Seoul 09:00 09:35
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao SC4620 Yinchuan, Seoul 08:45 09:20
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao 5X186 Yinchuan, Seoul 09:20
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao MU2044 Yinchuan, Seoul 08:30 08:55
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao 7C8401 Yinchuan, Seoul 08:20 08:50
Qingdao Airlines Qingdao TW607 Yinchuan, Seoul 07:30 08:25
Weihai Airlines Weihai 7C8503 Seoul 15:25 15:50
Weihai Airlines Weihai KE839 Seoul 13:35 13:50
Weihai Airlines Weihai 7C8501 Seoul 10:30 10:50
Weihai Airlines Weihai MU2018 Seoul 14:00 14:40
Weihai Airlines Weihai OZ309 Seoul 16:20 16:35
Weihai Airlines Weihai OZ309 Seoul 09:00 09:15
Yantai Airlines Yantai OZ985 Seoul 11:00 11:15
Yantai Airlines Yantai OZ985 Seoul 11:55 12:20
Yantai Airlines Yantai KJ233 Seoul 10:45 12:00
Yantai Airlines Yantai KJ231 Seoul 06:15 07:20
Yantai Airlines Yantai MU2782 Busan 14:00 14:45
Yantai Airlines Yantai MU5050 Seoul 07:50 08:05
Yantai Airlines Yantai SC4708 Seoul 22:45 23:05
Yantai Airlines Yantai SC4708 Seoul 21:45 21:55
Yantai Airlines Yantai OZ307 Seoul 16:50 17:05
Yantai Airlines Yantai OZ307 Seoul 14:20 14:35
Yantai Airlines Yantai MU268 Seoul 15:55 16:10
Yantai Airlines Yantai MU550 Seoul 12:00 12:05
Ocean Shipping
site Voyage conveyance Ship period / period Port of destination Reference transportation time Port of departure Departure time Arrival time
Weihai Passenger roller 1.3.5 port of yantai 14h Ping Ze 19:00 8:00
Weihai Korea and Chinese ferry 2.4.6 port of yantai 16h Inchon 20:00 12:00
Weihai Shidao 2.4.7 Shidao, Weihai 12h Qunshan 18:00 6:00
Weihai Dlong shipping 2.4.6 Longan in Weihai 14h Ping Ze 19:00 8:00
Weihai Pearl of East China 1.3.5 Shidao, Weihai 15h Inchon 19:00 9:00
Weihai New Jinqiao No. 2 1.3.6 Weihai port 15h Inchon 19:00 9:00

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