Under the background of China's One Belt and One Road, the global village is gradually realized. The world's trade, culture, and cultural exchanges are getting closer. The purpose of the establishment of Daofeng Supply Chain Services Co., Ltd. is to help the cross-border circulation of lifestyle products, so that the people of the world can easily and freely enjoy quality products from various countries.

  Qingdao Daofeng Supply Chain Company based in Qingdao, China, set up the China Business Operations Department and Customer Service Department. Established South Korea Daofeng Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea, and set up a dispatch center and logistics operations office. Established International Departure Operations Centers at Incheon Airport and Incheon Terminal respectively. Meet customer one-stop service needs.

Innovate hard
Pragmatic, coordinated, and innovative
Respect, mutual benefit as a prerequisite. To provide customers with specialized customized services
Sage, who can be, who under the legislation, the wise side, the mediocre withdrawal
Commitment to the community, go all out to promote each customer to success.

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